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If you’re looking for a list of OFF-ROAD Publications, below is a categorized list of off-road blogs, off-road magazines (print), off-road digital magazines, and off-road newletters. These feature everything from overlanding, 4×4 tech tips, travel articles, adventures, reviews, off-road cooking recipes, 4×4 trails, and industry news to name a few. If you find an off-road magazine or other off-road publication that you believe is missing, let us know.

  • Living Overland: Avid outdoor enthusiasts who thrive on camping, hunting, rock hounding, fly fishing, and exploring, Krista and Beau Johnston venture into the great outdoors, far from their home in Wyoming, living the off-road lifestyle, sharing their way of life in Living Overland.
  • UTV Sports Magazine: UTV Sports Magazine is a digital UTV magazine and online UTV blog, showcasing UTVs (side-X-sides). The UTV magazine features UTV racing, UTV event coverage, UTV tech tips, UTV features, new UTV parts, UTV buyer’s guides, and more. UTV Sports Magazine launched in 2014.
  • Toyota Cruisers & Trucks: The Toyota Cruisers & Trucks is an OFF-ROAD blog and digital magazine, serving Toyota trucks and Toyota Land Cruisers. The digital magazine version makes use of a full-color PDF as well as a Mag Cloud digital magazine interface. The content features Toyota 4×4 trail adventures, tech tips, install articles, desert racing, and much more.
  • Expedition Portal: Expedition Portal is a community of adventure travelers. who herald the cause of overlanding, using 4×4, 4WD, and off-road motorcycles (dirtbikes/adventure bikes). Founded by Scott Brady in 2005, Expedition Portal is operated by a host of experienced adventurers. This website hosts over 4,000 feature editorials and 180,000 community members on the forum with over 2.5 million forum posts. Expedition Portal features an overland podcast and features a forum.
  • LiveToExplore: Live To Explore launched in 2008 as Adventure Insider, which was an alternative to large adventure travel websites and off-road magazines. The original focus of Live To Explore is to showcase rare adventure travel trips. , but today, the primary focus of Live To Explore is illustrate the incredible ways anyone can grab hold of a life of exploration in the dirt.
  • Off Road Trailer Info: Owned by Zaxyn Media LLC, Off Road Trailer Info features off-road trailer news, events, reviews, and off-road trailer builds.



Searching for OFF-ROAD PODCASTS? We’ve got a few for you to listen to. Whether it’s a dirt-related podcast on 4×4, Jeep, dirtbike, ATV, SUV, UTV, dual sport motorcycle, overland, off-road racing, desert racing, rock crawling, general off-road motorsports, 4×4 trails, rally racing, motocross, supercross, or whatever your dirt flavor is, we’ll compile it here. Enjoy!